Lunch Menu


Theos House Pretzel $9.95
Served with our home made artesian beer cheese

Shrimp Cocktail $14.95
Colossal shrimp served chilled with our house cocktail sauce

Calamari Fritto $12.95
Served with our house cocktail sauce

Crab Cakes $15.95
Our award winning blend, topped with sautéed spinach, and a spicy remoulade sauce

Saganaki (OPA) $12.95
Greek cheese pan fried and flamed table side with brandy

Brushetta $9.95
Minced plum tomato, garlic, onions, fresh basil, tossed with EVOO. Served on a rustic Italian bread and drizzled with balsamic glaze

USDA Prime Steaks

Accompanied by soup, or house salad, & choice of side. Upgrade your soup, house salad, or Side

18 oz. Strip Steak $43.95

9 oz. Center Cut Filet $39.95

26 oz. Bone-In Ribeye $51.95

28 oz. Porterhouse $51.95

Wild Caught Seafood

Accompanied by soup, or house salad, & choice of side. Upgrade your soup house salad, or Side.

Our Seafood can be prepared: Broiled, grilled, sautéed, poached, fried, Cajun, blackened, Greek, and dejonghe

Scottish Salmon $22.95

Shrimp (Sea of Cortez U10 Shrimp) $23.95

Canadian Lake Perch $21.95

Add Chicken +$4.00
Add Shrimp +$6.00
Add Steak +$9.00

Alaskan King Crab Legs - Market Price
2lb Split, ready to eat

South African Lobster Tail - Market Price
12 - 14 oz. tail

Add crabmeat and lemon butter $8.00

Fresh Salads

All Salads Are Accompanied By Soup, and Choice of Dressing

Miss Julie Anne - $14.95
Turkey, ham, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, avocado, tomato, egg, and fruit

Greek Country Salad - $12.95
Kalamata olives, green peppers, feta cheese, green onions, and potato salad

Add Chicken +$3.00
Add Shrimp +$6.00

Cobb Salad - $16.95
Fried chicken breast, bacon, tomato, avocado, egg, and blue cheese

Crab Louie - $12.95
Crabmeat blend, avocado, egg, and fruit

Seafood Cobb Salad - $23.95
Crabmeat, shrimp, avocado, bacon, egg, and blue cheese

Chicken Caesar Salad - $15.95
Chicken, Parmesan cheese, croutons, and egg tossed in Caesar dressing

Super Bowl Salad - $15.95
Grilled chicken, American cheese, mozzarella cheese, tomato, egg, and avocado

Theo’s Steak Salad - $20.95
Blue cheese, tomato, egg, and fruit

Add Chicken +$3.00
Add Shrimp +$6.00

BBQ Chicken Salad - $16.95
Fried Chicken breast, onion rings, avocado, bacon, pepperoncini, drizzled with homemade bbq ranch dressing

Santa Fe Salad - $16.95
Blackened chicken breast, red onion, avocado, bacon, pepperoncini.
Drizzled with homemade BBQ Ranch dressing

Blue Cheese Wedge Salad- $14.95
Iceberg wedge, served with bacon, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, red onion, egg, and croutons

Add Chicken +$3.00
Add Shrimp +$6.00


Accompanied by soup, or house salad, and side. Upgrade your soup house salad, or Side

Chicken Picatta With Mushrooms $21.95
Twin boneless Chicken lightly floured and sautéed with mushrooms, capers, and Chablis wine

Chicken Marsala With Mushrooms $21.95
Twin boneless Chicken lightly floured and sautéed with mushrooms, and marsala wine

Soup Upgrade
French Onion $3.50

Salad Upgrades
Greek Salad $3.50
Ceasar Salad $2.50
Wedge Salad $3.50

Side Upgrades
Grilled Vegetables $4.00
Grilled Asparagus $5.00
Loaded Baked Potatoes $2.50
Spinach $4.00

Traditional Side
Baked Potato
Mashed Potato
French Fries

Steak Burgers

Our steak burgers are ground fresh in house from the trimmings of ribeye, tenderloin, and strip steaks. Burgers are accompanied by soup, side, and fruit.

Theo's Burger $17.95
Blue cheese crumbles, onions, nueskes bacon, and mushrooms

BBQ Bacon Burger $17.95
American Cheese, and crispy bacon

The Classic Burger $14.95

Add Nueske Bacon +$2.50
Add Cheese +$1
(American, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Swiss, or Blue Cheese Crumbles)

Patty Melt $17.95
Mozzarella cheese, sautéed white onions, on marble rye

West Coast Burger $17.95
Mozzarella cheese, avocado, bruschetta, and spicy mayo


All Sandwiches and served with soup.

Ruben $17.95
Our signature corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese.
Served on marble rye bread

Italian Beef $17.95
Slow roasted Italian beef, mozzarella cheese, and a side of Aju.
Served on French Roll

Theo's Steak Sandwich $22.95
Our Prime Steak, broiled to order and topped with mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, and onions. Served on French roll

Chicken Malibu $17.95
Country Fried Chicken Breast, baked Virginia ham, and mozzarella cheese.
Served on brioche bun

Ted's Tenders $17.95
Chicken tenders tossed in buffalo sauce and served with fries.

Chicken Legend Sandwich $17.95
Specials seasoned chicken breast, served with spicy mayo, avocado and bacon. Served on brioche bun